Monitoring Solutions

Satellite Tracking & Communications Systems

Providing monitoring solutions for moving (mobile) and non-moving (static) assets, to date, our comprehensive asset monitoring solutions is in service for more than 1,000 assets and climbing.

Critical data and information of the asset is communicated through our satellite communication system. Our solutions can be tailored to meet different asset type and customer requirements.


Vessel Tracking System (VTS)

Using a proprietary web-based application, our Vessel Tracking System (VTS) enables the asset owner to monitor and manage their fleet anywhere via the Internet.

Incorporated with satellite communication technologies, blind spot areas are eliminated and it makes our VTS a powerful, secure, reliable and easy-to-use tracking system to monitor your vessel wherever it may sail.

Features of our Vessel Tracking System (VTS):

  • Conforms to the International Maritime Organization’s Long-Range Identifications and Tracking (LRIT) Regulation
  • Display of detail fleet information (such as Location, Speed, Heading, Ship ID)
  • Access to ship data anywhere anytime through any computer connected to the Internet
  • Worldwide Satellite coverage
  • Web-based application with multiple layer maps that includes Google map, nautical map and many other additional tools
  • Unlimited Sub Login access application
  • Ship log/history, and data importation to simplify reporting
  • Panic Button for emergency situation
  • 24/7 customer service support for troubleshooting and weather info
  • Two-Way Communication