Monitoring Solutions

Satellite Tracking & Communications Systems

Providing monitoring solutions for moving (mobile) and non-moving (static) assets, to date, our comprehensive asset monitoring solutions is in service for more than 1,000 assets and climbing.

Critical data and information of the asset is communicated through our satellite communication system. Our solutions can be tailored to meet different asset type and customer requirements.

Portable Tracking System

The Portable Tracking system is designed to operate as a stand-alone tracking solution with small footprint without the need for any external power sources.

A compact battery powers the system up to one year. Within this time, you are able to fulfill your tracking needs without the need for a battery replacement.

Motion-sensor technology is incorporated to provide notification when your assets move or migrate. Warning signals and alerts are also sent out to users when the assets move beyond the boundary specified by the operation requirements.

Portable Tracking System Features:

  • Proximity Search – Locate assets closest to your location
  • Geo-fencing - Create inclusion or exclusion zones
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Collection and delivery of telemetry data