Monitoring Solutions

Sensors (Electro-Optics)

The Electro-Optics can operate as a fixed-site or mobile systems. Depending on customer requirements, a combination of both is also possible.

The sensors enable civil and commercial customers to collect real-time visual data of their assets. When timely and accurate visual information is made available, during an emergency event, the decision-making cycle can be done faster and response time to engage the emergency is greatly improved.

The state-of-the-art EOs comes with long range, day and night vision capabilities. Even in extremely low light level operations, you have continuous monitoring capabilities, as there is no need to change the sensors.

For customers with special monitoring requirements beyond low light levels, thermal imagers are also available.

Sensors (Electro-Optics) ApplicationSystems being used in the following areas

  • Coastal Security
  • Port & Airport operations
  • Mission Critical Activity Supervision
  • Long Range Threat Assessment
  • Border Security
  • Protective Security
  • Vessel Boarding Preparedness

Fixed-site systemsAreas of applications

  • Port & Airport Operations
  • Public Area Safety
  • Protective Security
  • Large-scale civil sites
  • Large-scale industrial sites 

Mobile systemsAreas of applications

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Crisis Management
  • Covert Operations