Monitoring Solutions

Satellite Tracking & Communications Systems

Providing monitoring solutions for moving (mobile) and non-moving (static) assets, to date, our comprehensive asset monitoring solutions is in service for more than 1,000 assets and climbing.

Critical data and information of the asset is communicated through our satellite communication system. Our solutions can be tailored to meet different asset type and customer requirements.


Whether transporting people or valuable cargoes over land, safety, security and efficiency is not to be neglected.

Our land tracking system provides mobile land asset owners with real-time information. Fleet management reports such as distance, time, drop-off/pick-up points and other status can be tailor made to client’s requirements.

Using GPRS for land coverage, the system has a backup feature in the event of signal loss. Upgrade options to satellite communication to eliminate signal loss events is also available.

In the event of an emergency, our Historical Replay and Panic Button are useful features for post-event investigations.

Land Tracking System Features:

  • Geo-fencing / Zoning & Alarm Setting
  • GPS Navigation
  • Driver Log Reporting
  • Internal Buffer Memory
  • Vehicle Ignition On/Off
  • Panic Button in emergency situations
  • Historical Replays