Protection Solutions

Armour Systems

Sophisticated and proprietary materials used in our personal and vehicle armour, gives superior ballistic protection for operatives working in extremely high threat or hostile environment.

Ballistic helmets, vests, tactical carriers and protective inserts offer law enforcement and military personnel ballistic protection against small arms ammunition as well as stab and slash resistance from spikes, knives and needles.

Up-armouring of wheeled or tracked vehicles and rotary winged aircrafts using our vehicular armour kits increases operator survivability during maneuvers in high threat or hostile environment.

Comparing with what is available in the market, our armour system not only provides superior bullet-stopping power but also a high level of comfort for the user.

Personal Armour System

  • Ballistic Helmets
  • Ballistic Vests (Covert, Tactical Carriers, MTV, OTV)
  • Protective Inserts (SAPI, ESAPI)

Vehicle Armour System

  • Knock Down Kits

Custom Design and Fabrication

  • Personal Armour System
  • Vehicle Armour System